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DVI-I Male to HD15pin VGA Female Adapter
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DVI-I Male to HD15pin VGA Female Adapter
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DVI-I (29pin) Dual Link Male to HD15pin  (VGA) Female Adapter

This adapter can be used to change your DVI-A and DVI-I output connector to a regular VGA connector *.

This DVI-I to VGA Display Adapter (M/F) is used to convert a DVI Male connector to a VGA female connector.

  • Cost-effective solution for connecting a VGA display to a DVI-I video card
  • DVI-I (Male) to VGA (Female) Connectors

* There are three types of DVI connections: DVI analog, DVI integrated and DVI digital. If your DVI output is purely digital and does not support analog modes, this DVI adaptor will not work. Please check your DVI pins carefully to determine whether this DVI adaptor will fit your output connector.

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